About the difference between the measurement of adserver statistics and webanalytics
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It is a frequently asked question that why there is discrepancy between the statistics of AdServer and the measurements of the webanalytical software. The primar reason for the difference is that two distinct kind of systems are making the measurements, while the ad server is responsible for serving campaigns and measuring statistics, the webanalytical system measures events on the website.

To represent the differences in measuring:

The two systems measure in different ways and that causes discrepancies too since they measure different things, at different places and at different times, so their results should not be compared to each other.

  • On the publisher's website the adserver measures the clicks on the banner in the moment if clicking, and that is the CT number.
  • The analytical system measures the number of visitors/actions on the advertiser's website by the tracked code built into it in the moment of the site loading.


  Adservers Webanalytics programs

 Purpose of measurement 


 Measuring AV and CT regarding the banner 

 Number of visitors and actions taken on the site 

Place of measurement


 The publisher's website  The advertiser's website

Time of measurement 


 The time of viewing the ad and clicking   The time of loading the measuring code 

By considering these reasons we can say that the discrepancy is a natural thing. Of course there are smaller differences in measuring algorithms among adservers and webanalytics providers, but basically they work the way we represented.

Based on these differences a discrepancy may be caused for example if the landing page didn't have time to load after clicking, so there was a CT number but no measurement on the side of the webanalytics system. Or from another point of view it may be caused for example if the webanalytics system could not identify the traffic source so a visit might not come from a click. 

What could be done to minimize discrepancies?

To minimize discrepancies there are two possibilities to consider using:

  • Measuring on the advertiser's website by AdServer

It is possible to track post-user actions with Adverticum AdServer meaning the conversions after clicking on a banner or viewing it. In the simplest case one tracker zone needs to be created for the campaign (Trackers tab inside a campaign), and its code should be built into the landing page by the advertiser. During and after the campaign a report can be requested on the admin interface (Reports tab inside a campaign) where it will be shown how many users reached the landing page where the tracker zone was built in. (In the statistics of the tracker zone the AV numbers will only show the times when the page was loaded, but the report will present the wanted post-user action data where the users have reached the site because of the campaign.)

About trackers and post-user analysis

  • The tracking of clicks by the webanalytics system

It could help with tracking the campaign's results if the banner's landing page's address has added parameters so the webanalytics system could identify the source of traffic more precisely. The analytical system might be able to help with adding parameters to the address if it has a URL creator tool.

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