Google Chrome Ad Filtering
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 On 15 February 2018 Google Chrome has introduced its new built-in ad filtering system designed to block annoying banners on websites. The browser doesn't block all advertisements, only does that on those sites that repeatedly violate previously defined standards. Their goal is to encourage sites using less annoying banners to reach their readers. Ad filtering is enabled both on the desktop and mobile platforms.

These annoying ad formats are defined by Coalition for Better Ads based on a comprehensive research.

More information on these standards are to be found here:
    Better Ads Standards

Creating better ad experiences to fulfil requirements for Better Ad Standards:
    Creating better ad experiences

Google provides the opportunity for publishers to run a test on their sites and to query a report of the ads on it. With the Ad Experience Report API, they can build an application to do so.

Ad Experience Report API:
    Ad Experience Report API

The result of the test they provide in the form of a report:
    Ad Experience Report

Help with using the Ad Experience Report:
    Introduction to the Ad Experience Report

Google help forum :
    Ad Experience Report Help Forum

You can follow changes on these sites:
    Framework for a Better Ads Experience Program
    Coalition for Better Ads



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