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HTML5 banner creation guide
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HTML/XHTML/HTML5 creatives

In this guide we collected all the AdServer specific restricions and possibilities of HTML/XHTML creatives, often just refered as HTML5 - although not always really HTML5, to help developers.

This guide contains informations that is important for upload process of the HTML creatives to the AdServer, which is relevant to the person managing the campaign, but if the creatives are done per specification, it can largely ease the management of the campaign. 

This documentation is true for banners invoked through Adverticum AdServer tags - called GoAdverticum3, refered as goa3 - and that the tags are embedded along the goa3 documentation into the publisher's site, where the ad should display.

HTML or Markup banner? What is it all about, and what's the difference in Adverticum's AdServer?

Markup banneres are almost like normal HTML banners, but as being XHTML, XML also, it has more restrictions, but provide wider possibilities. From a technical perspective the relevant distinction is that Markup banners are displayed as part of the suite, and not in an iFrame like regular HTML banners do. Markup banners can utilize the site-s own CSS, and also provide the option for various custom animation, and transition effects, witout the use of display modules. 

1. Our html/xhtml/html5 banner creation guide is available here.

2. Attention! Creatives converted with Swiffy, or created with Adobe Edge or Google Web Developer should be modified and uploaded in a different way! More about that: http://dev.adverticum.com/conversion-eng:start

About banners developed for easyHTML template

The easyHTML template is such a tool in the Adverticum AdServer that helps converting and managing the HTML/HTML5 banners. This holds benefits for both the development and management of the creative. We provide the easyHTML solution as a Markup template - there is no extra fee of the usage.

Our technical documentation about easyHTML template is available here.

Advantages of easyHTML template:

  • more transparent banner-creation process
  • there is no need to do extra changes in the code-structure
  • lower risk of mistakes
  • easier creative-management (open/close-detection)
  • relative URLs are allowed (in case of HTML, CSS or Javascript codes, as well)


The purpose of this new method of serving HTML banners is to ease the management of the more and more widely used HTML creatives for both the developers and campaign managers. This is achieved in the form of an Markup template which is provided free of charge.

In the perspect of development, the necessary modifications are less, so less to do after the creative is finished. Some notes on the advantages versus regular HTML banners.

  • No need to restructure the banner, if it already works by opening the creative in a browser, so no need to strip <head> or <body> tags.
  • No more encodeing issues sometimes faced with regular HTML banners, rooted in some technical specifics.
  • Simplified interface for display usage available, mainly in regards of Sidekick and Slider displays.
  • Handling open start requests are possible unlike with HTML banners.
  • Usage of relative URLs is made possible, no need to replace resource links with AdServer variables.
  • All necessary data and functions are provided through a single object, no need for AdServer variables.
  • Rich media creatives and multi CT banners are also supported.

All files should be uploaded into the AdServer to be able to run the banner.  In the administration interface the "easy HTML Banner" markup template will be able to manage the HTML files.  

About the upload process you can read more in our easyHTML template document.

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